The First Step

Do I stay or do I go? They were the two options.

Do I stay or do I go?

I knew which option I would take instinctively but I needed to let the options hang over me for a while, more so to convince the logical part of my brain I was making the right decision.  I like many others who had decided to become self-employed felt “ready.” I felt ready to, “do it alone,” as daunting as that sounds. Unprepared, somewhat unexperienced with a heavy pinch of fear yes, but I was eager and willing with lots of hope.

So I quit my job – jeez, just writing that makes my stomach drop. But yes, I quit my job with no single fucking clue.  My dad often says, “I can’t tell if you are brave or stupid.”  I quickly rationalised to myself, I’ll just give it a year, I’ll just give it a year and worst comes to worst I’ll just get a job. I’m writing this having just passed my one year anniversary and I have zero intentions of getting a job any time soon! 

I wanted to start this blog to share my experiences of taking something that I love, like cooking, and using it to enhance my entire life.