About Chef May

I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica to a Jamaican father and a Zambian mother.  My parents are boisterous and creative individuals who gave us great exposure to both cultures. I grew up in Manchester in the north of England. Cooking with culture and authenticity was embedded into my foundation as Sunday mornings were spent in my mother’s kitchen.

At 18, I moved to Paris, France where I commenced my bachelors in French business and economics. Throughout my degree I worked in kitchens in Paris to fund my studies.  After a stint in the corporate world when I finished university I realised that cooking is where my heart lies and I began my career as a chef. After several successful apprenticeships in Paris and Copenhagen – most notably with world-renowned Master baker Gontran Cherrier I decided to move to Sydney.

My ideas and creativity with food, along with my Jamaican heritage and being a female in a male dominated industry quickly became noticed on the Sydney food scene.  This gave me a platform to push my ideas and my interpretation of good food – colour, vibrancy, creativity, taste, flavor and passion. I grew up mixing different cultures into my cooking, having lived in Jamaica, England, France, Denmark and Australia.  I consider my own cooking as a dialect, ‘How can I make the dishes I create represent my passion and my culture?’ These are the challenges I embrace as a chef.

It is my great pleasure now to work with a team of talented chefs to curate bespoke dining experiences.